2014 Reb Zalman addresses musmachot


OHALAH, the Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal, includes more than 200 diverse rabbis who participate in the transformation and renewal of Judaism. OHALAH provides our rabbis with collegial support, as well as opportunities for sharing in Jewish learning, life and practice. OHALAH also brings together cantors and rabbinic pastors (who have their own organization, the Rabbinic Pastors Association) for these same purposes.
Hashpaah 2014 compSM (1)We hold an annual conference in January of each year, and connect in cyberspace throughout the year to pray with and for one another, to share Torah teachings, to share resources, and to discuss questions about our sacred work as clergy and the challenges facing our people, our communities, our world, and our mother earth. We challenge one another’s ideas and views and we push one another to our limits of our minds and hearts, as did the sages of old.