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Moshe ben Asher
Gather the People provides extensive online resources for spiritually relevant congregational community development and organizing.
No description available at this time.
Rachel Barenblat
Custom-designed lifecycle rituals, creative prayers and psalms, and archives of ceremonies and creative writing (including the Velveteen Rabbi’s Haggadah for Pesach, a mincha-maariv-havdalah bat mitzvah siddur, and chaplainbook, a collection of hospital chaplaincy poems.) Velveteen Rabbi (the blog) was named one of’s top 25 blogs in 2008.
Howard Cohen
Guided Wilderness Trips for Body and Soul in Maine, New Hampshire, New York State and Vermont
Julie H Danan
Website of Congregation Beth Israel, Chico, Calfornia, where Rabbi Danan serves as spiritual leader.
Diane Elliot
Shabbatonim, retreats, classes (on-site in the San Francisco Bay Area and distance learning), and individualized life cycle rituals.
Zev-Hayyim Feyer
No description available at this time.
Shefa Gold
Weekly divrei Torah teaching a meditation-based method of experiencing Torah, new musical releases and Shefa Gold’s retreat/teaching schedule.
Victor and Nadya Gross
Jewish renewal community, Boulder, Co.
Cantor Linda Hirschhorn
The words, music and teachings of this gifted Cantor.
T’mimah Ickovitz
Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits deciphers wisdom from Kabballah traditions, revealing its relevance to life today. Rabbi T’mimah founded Ohr HaMakor; a home for Holistic Kabbalah in Santa Monica, CA. Rabbi T’mimah leads classes, prayer and weaves custom ritual. Her most recent writings include Mystery of Seven; Siddur for Shabbat Eve, designed to receive Shabbat with music, mystery and joy andHanukkah Lights – a guide for ritual around the Hannukiah. These writings include translations of practices from Masters of Kabbalah, egalitarian language, and songs that are fun and easy to access; many from the wells of Jewish Renewal. Rabbi T’mimah is willing to travel to lead ritual, teach classes and for Shabbatons. She is available for private consultation in person and by telephone.
Abbe Lyons
Cantor, teacher, ritual guide, performer, composer & somatic educator
Richard Kaplan
New and traditional Jewish music with middle eastern and hassidic bents. Co-leads this Jewish renewal monthly Shabbat minyan in Berkeley, Ca.
Rabbi Moshe Aharon(Miles Krassen)
Sign up to receive weekly parsha commentary from Reb Moshe Aharon, the rabbi formerly formerly known as Reb Miles Krassen.
Itzchak Marmorstein MILA YOMIT: The Torah, Word By Word is an innovative and effective way to acquire deep knowledge of the Torah, the 5 Books of Moses, in its original Hebrew language.
Jonathan Omer-Man
Writings and programs.
David Roller
This site presents Reb David’s wedding wedding page and links to his bio and other pages.
Shafir (Rabbi Candy Lobb)
This site contains links into Rabbi Candy’s world, including Divrei Torah, articles she has written, and other teachings and musings.We are an interfaith community with roots in the Judaic tradition that seeks to allow mutual respect, learning and growth in a non-threatening setting which encourages candid and open discussion among participants.  It is only by healing ourselves and each other that any of us can become whole.  The Neshama Soul Breath Foundation is dedicated to the needs of those who seek and/or facilitate Healing.   We sponsor educational and spiritual retreats and activities in an open, affirming and Core-based environment.
Goldie Milgram
Rituals, stories, prayers, Torah study, social action,  life cycle and Shabbat, Holy Day and other practices and retreats that allow a person to experience Judaism as a spiritual path.
Join the bar/bat mitzvah [R]evolution, over 600 pages of materials to help make this ritual more meaningful, spiritual and memorable.
Marcia Prager
Jack Kessler
Teaching resources and programs.
Rabbi David Seidenberg
Integrating Chassidic Ideas and teachings into practice
Daniel Siegel
Explains consulting practice, bio brief, list of publications including siddurim he has edited for Aleph, and tele-courses being offered.
Hanna Tiferet
Wonderful ritual page and access to works by this much loved and exceptional singer/Songwriter, Liturgical Artist, Spiritual Guide
Moshe Waldoks
TBZ is an independent congregation in Brookline, MA incorporating Hasidic, renewal, and other elements. We are open to all
seekers and devote considerable time to Adult learning and contemplative practices.
Arthur Waskow
The Shalom Center’s Website is edited by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, an Ohalah
member. It includes many of his own and other divrei Torah, new prayer forms,
life-cycle and festival celebration forms, and comments on Jewish and spiritual
perspectives on peace and war, justice, eco-Judaism, and community-buiilding.
David Zaslow
No description available at this time.
Harry Zeitlin
Photos taken by R. Zeitlin. Websites also feature the thoughts andwritings of colleagues, and community notes.
Rabbi Bonita Nathan Sussman, New York, NY Willing to travel: 917-664-0725
Scholar in Residence
Spiritual Direction
Funerals/Grief Counseling
Telephone consultation
Training programs
Substance abuse
Rabbi Bonita Nathan Sussman’s works with emerging and returning Jewish communities in Africa and India. Bonita works in the social service fields with a specialty in HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. Her specialty teaching are in Modern Jewish Philosophy and Contemporary denominations in Judaism.