OHALAH Contacts


Bookkeeper and Conference Registrar Lynn Pisetzner lynn@ohalah.org, 702-492-1697. Please contact Lynn if you need help making a donation, paying your membership dues, registering for the Shabbaton or conference.

Administrator Lewis Copulsky administrator@ohalah.org, (919) 246-9251.

Please use the Board and Committee Chairs’ page if you wish to contact one of them.

A list of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs is here.
You may contact any Board member of Committee Chair using the contact form here.

Address for payments to OHALAH or the RPA

℅ Seth Oppenheimer
P. O. Box 4724
Mississippi State, MS 39762

OHALAH Ethics Concerns – OHALAH holds its members and the members of the Rabbinic Pastors Association to high ethical standards. The OHALAH Code of Ethics can be viewed here.

Should you have an ethics complaint or need information regarding OHALAH’s ethics code, please contact OHALAH Ethics Chair Rabbi Natan Margalit or Rabbi Paula Marcus.

Ethics Chair  – Rabbi Natan Margalit, 617-894-0105
Ethics Committee – Rabbi Paula Marcus, 831-251-6363

RPA Ethics Concerns – Should you have an ethics complaint regarding a rabbinic pastor or rabbinic pastor student, please contact Rabbinic Pastor Matia Rania Angelou by telephoning her at 508-522-2627, or contact one of the rabbis listed above.

ALEPH Ethics Concerns – ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal is a sister organization to OHALAH. Should you have an ethics complaint or need information regarding ALEPH’s ethics code, you can visit ALEPH’s site here.