ALEPH-logoALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal is an umbrella organization of the Jewish Renewal Movement. Under the ALEPH umbrella are ALEPH Communities (i.e. congregations), the ALEPH Ordination Programs for the training of rabbis, cantors and rabbinic pastors, the ALEPH Hashpaah Program for training in spiritual direction and many other wonderful programs and efforts. Find out more at their website.

ALEPH is a sister organization of OHALAH. From OHALAH’s inception until November 2011, OHALAH was under the ALEPH umbrella. We are grateful to ALEPH for being OHALAH’s parent organization during our formative years.

The Rabbinic Pastors Association (RPA) was also under the ALEPH umbrella from its inception until November 2011, when the RPA came under the OHALAH umbrella.