Talmidim of Reb Zalman in Jerusalem remembering Reb Zalman

Talmidim of Reb Zalman in Jerusalem remembering Reb Zalman

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We mourn our beloved Reb Zalman
R’ Meshullam Zalman Hiyya ben Chaya Gittel ve Shlomo HaCohen z”l
who took a few peaceful last breaths in his sleep
and slipped away from us
on July 3, 2014, at 8:40 am
at his home in Boulder, Colorado.




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OHALAH holds an annual conference each January. We also connect online throughout the year to pray with one another, to share Torah teachings and resources, and to discuss our sacred work and the challenges facing our people, our communities, our world, and our mother earth. We challenge one another’s ideas and push one another to the limits of our minds and hearts, as did our sages of old.